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Introducing:  Musical Charities, Inc.

How and Whom Do Musical Charities Benefit?


There is nothing like listening to music to soothe our souls.  Sometimes the radio is just not enough as it has no personal touch.  There are entertainers who are professionals and those who are amateurs.  Some of the best music is not the commercial music we hear over the air-waves.  Talented people are not necessarily the best promoters, especially when it comes to promoting yourself.  In addition, the professionals have had it rough over the past year due to Covid.  Musical Charities will give them an audience and pay the professionals for their creativity. 

Music buffs

 It’s not often you can attend a private event and your ticket price (donation) benefits the community.  Who doesn’t enjoy gathering with friends and getting lost in music for a few hours?  You are bound to meet new friends too and we can all use a few of those!  Most events will be outdoor where you can enjoy a picnic-like vibe.  You will most definitely want to make these events a monthly ritual, and consider hosting an intimate event at your home, club house or other gathering places.  You can trust that your donation will go directly toward paying a bill for someone who will appreciate it more than you know.  The biggest benefit is that your donation will be tax deductible as Musical Charities is in the process of attaining a tax deductible status.

Small businesses

Musical Charities will not give money directly to the person we choose to help.  We will only pay a bill, or as we like to say “PLAY a bill”, since music is involved :).   We want small businesses to let us know when someone needs their service but knows this bill will put a strain on their budget.  Businesses such as Hair Stylists, Veterinary Clinics, Handyman Services, Plumbers, Electricians, Heat and Air Companies, etc. can reach out to Musical Charities to assist in relieving this burden off of that individual or family.

Individual or Families

Everyone experiences unplanned expenses.  Sometimes these can be a hardship to an individual or a family.  Musical Charities’ purpose is to assist honest and hard-working people, by covering an expense that would lead to that hardship. EVERYONE needs a little breathing room when it comes to finances and Musical Charities wants to be there for the community.  

Let’s create some goodness in this community and help however we can.

Paige O’Neill's Story

I realize that many people aren’t as fortunate and also carry more responsibilities than I

Paige O’Neill

I have three loves, Tennis, Dogs and Music.  I have been so fortunate in life to have had careers in tennis and dogs, and now am excited to be able to focus on music. 

My success in tennis stems from playing since I was 5 years old, competing in high school, college and semi-pro, but mostly as an independent teaching pro for 30+ years in Georgia. 

My love for animals let me to a degree in Animal Health degree (Veterinary Technology), am the proud founder of Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue, Inc. (retired after 10 years), and opened Dog Lovers Boarding (retired after 7 years). 

I have always been self-employed and basically lived paycheck to paycheck.  I realize how blessed I am that I was always able to pay my bills, knowing, however, that one setback with my health or an accident, could have put me under.  I realize that many people aren’t as fortunate and also carry more responsibilities than I (children, health issues, etc.). 

Creating Musical Charities is the answer to a way for the community to benefit in so many ways.  I love that it helps musicians – people who touch the heart and soul of others through their music. 

It’s an amazing feeling when you listen to some of these amazing, creative, and talented entertainers.  EVERYONE I have talked to about Musical Charities immediately offers to participate, either as a musician, or as a listener, or as a donator, or as a business person. It’s absolutely amazing what I’m experiencing.

So…let’s do this and please do it with me.  Let’s create some goodness in this community and help however we can. 

Thank you for your support.   

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